Friday, July 12, 2013

State of the Garden, July, 2013

Water Issues
  • When you are dragging the hose to your plot, be especially careful that you don't unwittingly drag it across another plot and annoy someone else's plants.  Corner stakes  prevent this most of the time. If your plot is missing a corner stake, there are more in the slots around the compost bins, and a pounder in the shed.

Grass Path

  • We need a couple of people to tend to the mowing. Push mower and hand whacker available. Contact me and I'll give you more details.

Excess Produce

  • If you will be gone and can't harvest, or just can't face another zucchini or tomato for dinner, there is help. Coming soon,there will be blue cards available that you can post on a particular plant. Other gardeners will know that this is an invitation to harvest what is on that plant. Stay tuned for details. I'm sure there will be kinks to work out, but let's see if this works. 
  •  In the past we have had a styrofoam box in the garden. People put excess produce in it and twice a week someone took the contents to the Food Shelf. If any of you would like to take this on, let me know. I'll help you work out the details. (This only works if it gets delivered regularly. Rotten tomatoes smell terrible.)
  • For various reasons, the garden looks raggier this year than ever before. The thistle is becoming especially bad. Please, make a little extra weeding a high priority for you.
  • As usual, we need to supplement our finances. Moving to a new site will incur extra expenses outside our budget. We have begun discussing a fundraiser that involves some really good food. If you would like to help  with organizing it, let me know.
Recurrent Reminders
  • Lock the shed and close the gates when you leave.
  •  And don't forget to turn off the water when you are done. The new valve is a pain, but it works.