Thursday, September 22, 2011

Community Garden Note Cards-Pollinator Series

Here is a great gift idea for the holiday season__AND a way to help the Garden:
A set of six note cards, with beautiful photographs taken by Wapahasa Community Garden members.
The back of the cards include information about pollinator plants and the inside is blank.
The sets are wrapped in ecofriendly clear packaging and may also be purchased singly. 
Graphic design is professionally done by Jaron Theye, son of our own Wayne Theye.

Consider purchasing these cards for yourself, for holiday or birthday gifts, or just to have on hand.
And talk with your friends about ordering sets for themselves.

How to order:
 Order forms are in the garden shed. 
Use this form to keep track of the number of sets or singles you want to purchase. 
Boxed sets of 6 are $15 apiece; single cards are $3 apiece.

Send your order, along with full payment to:
Sue Burnett
P.O. Box 403
Winona, MN 55987
(or hand deliver it at the next work day, TBA)

Orders by October 31 would be appreciated
Pick up date will be posted
Bonus: For every box of 6 that you purchase, you will be credited with 1 hour of volunteer work. 

Why we need to have fundraisers:
The community garden operates on a shoestring, and often in the red. Yearly fees for the plots do not cover all our expenses. Recurring expenses include water bill, liability insurance, garden coordinator position, consumable supplies such as compost, straw, rye seed and repair parts. 
Please help us continue to be able to harvest healthy local food in our community. 
Questions or comments? Reply to this message or contact any of the committee members.

Thank you,
The Wapahasa Prairie Community Garden Fundraising Committee
Jennie, Joyce, Liz and Hisayo

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