Monday, November 21, 2011

Final Work Party

NOVEMBER 27, 1:00

All plots need to be winter-ready by this day. 
Any plots that are not winter-ready, will be cleaned up for you
 and you will forfeit your deposit.

Here is a reminder of what it means to be "winter-ready":
  • Remove all trellises, stakes, tomato cages, decorations, buckets, sheets or other ground covers and store away for the winter.
  • Harvest or compost all remaining squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, etc. 
  • Pull up all dead plants and compost them or use them for mulch on your plot.
  • Many of you have carefully piled your dead plant material in the corner of your plot to use for compost/mulch. (thank you! thank you!).  It's now time to spread it around on your plot so that it is  no more than 6-12" high (1st choice), or put it in the north compost bin. 
  • Pull all vines from the fence. 
  • Some of you have let broccoli, etc, go to seed. If you are wanting to save seed for next year, harvest it now. If not, pull it and compost it. 
  • Onions, garlic, carrots, etc. intended for spring harvest may stay.
  • Cut back perennials in the flower strips or plots that are getting rangy. Also, remove and compost large plants like sunflower stalks.  
  • If you want to put in a volunteer hour or two, stomp down the south compost bin, When this gets done, there are sheets of metal to cover it with. 

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