Monday, November 4, 2013

State of the Garden

Work day 
--Thanks to the 15 people who came out to dismantle the garden. We accomplished more than was on my list. It was a bittersweet success. 

--The compost bins were taken apart, leaving a couple of piles of great compost. If you would like some, bring a bucket and help yourself.  

--The tomato cages are free to a good home. As is the picnic table.

--We need 3 strong people to help move the shed. Moving it will involve tilting it onto the back of a truck, then tilting it off again when it gets to its destination. Tentative moving date is next Sunday (depending on the weather and when people are available).

Annual meeting
--Don't forget the annual meeting and potluck next Saturday--Holzinger, 5:30 p.m. The meeting itself will start about 6:30, if you want to come for just that part.

Your Input
--If you haven't given your feedback about the garden next year, please do so, either at the meeting Saturday or respond to this email.  
----Do you plan to return to the garden next year (yes/no/undecided)  
----What are your thoughts about which garden site to go with 
----Are you able to help with transitioning the garden to a new site (i.e., serve on the Board)

Change is always hard, and this change is one no one wanted. If we can get through this transition successfully, it should be smooth sailing for a few years.


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