Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Compost and Straw


Lea has been looking into buying compost for our garden. She has found some high quality organic compost that can be delivered. It will cost about $250 for a truckload big enough for all our plots. The compost itself is fairly inexpensive, but the delivery adds a significant amount. The garden operates on a shoestring and this is beyond our budget. My question to you is: would everyone be willing to chip in to pay for this? Breaking the cost down, 2 wheelbarrowfuls for the full plots would be $6, 1 wheelbarrowful for the half plot would be $3, and a bucketful for the flower strips would be $1.

Please respond to me by email and let me know what you think about this. I will need to hear from enough people before we go ahead and order it.

Additionally, bales of straw to use as mulch, would work the same way. Last year we paid $3 a bale. One bale is enough for a large plot.

I believe that both these amenities are valuable tools in successful gardening. But because there would be an extra charge, I thought I should put it out to you first.

(or is it wheelbarrowsful??)

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