Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The compost should be arriving today, Wednesday.
Help yourself.
Two wheelbarrow loads should be sufficient for a large plot, one for a small plot, one bucketful for a flower strip.
There is a five-gallon bucket in the back side of the shed. Shovels are in the compost bins.

Compost is $3 per wheelbarrow load, $1 per bucketful
Put money in donation can in the shed. I'll check it daily
Checks should be made out to "Winona Garden Plots"
If someone has a wheelbarrow they would be willing to leave at the garden for a couple of weeks, that would be very convenient and much appreciated. Otherwise, plan on bringing your own wheelbarrow.  

If you have already planted things
 and are wondering how to incorporate the compost into your plot,
"top dress" it.
That is-sprinkle it gently on top of your soil
 and let nature and the worms do the heavy work.


  1. MMMM compost. If you do topdress with compost cover it with a mulch too to protect it from the sun. Then let the worms mix it up!

    Compost is full of microorganisms and organic matter that is great food for other creatures in the soil food web.

    healthy soil = healthy plants

  2. I left a wheelbarrow on the compost pile for people to use. Be carefull of slivers from the handle, it's a bit worn.