Saturday, June 29, 2013


After traveling for over two weeks I came back to my garden in full weed bloom .  The plants seemed stunted and mud was still in parts of my space.
 I began to weed , sinking in mud still and could, I swear, hear the gurgling of my soaking plants.
Although the sun was shining it started to sprinkle and I wanted to blow myself up like some kind of umbrella and cover and protect my pants from the rain. It seemed unfair and I wanted to cry, NO!
After weeding for three hours and then mulching, I was satisfied and although I can never prove it, I believe the plants were happier and more ready to grow now.
Yesterday, I returned to my garden and it just seemed beautiful to me.  Of course it is  not perfect, but much better from the process of working with the plants and just being there the way it is.
It is the process that this is about.  Sowing my seeds and plants, not concerning myself with product and what ifs and if only s .  Taking care of things I have started and seeing it through and taking pleasure from the wind and sun and the  growing things doing the best it can.
This garden may not be a great producer but I am experiencing the process fully!

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  1. You are creating something. I totally agree. It's the process. Being part of it. Managing or helping it along. Creating something. I feel the same way about compost.