Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ideas for classes

Here are some ideas for classes, from Matt. If any of these interest you, or you have additional ideas, let me know.

I just put in rain barrels and thought about documenting the process with my camera(but didn't) - It would have made a great class.  This would be easy to recreate during a class.  We could make a barrel during the class to mount under the gardening shed?  Or we could have everyone interested make a rain barrel to bring home.  We might be able ot make some money with this as well!

I've always thought a composting class would be fun to do too.  I am kind of a compost wacko.  I have a 160 degree pile at home right now.  I could go on and on and on abtout compost...

But what are people interested in?

I am interested in Square foot gardening, vertical gardening, companion planting and succession planting.  I have examples of each in my garden plot.  I am no expert in any of them, but I usually know almost as much as anyone that I've seen teaching about them.  If we did a class like that it would be nice to have some examples throughout the garden to show people.

PS I harvested 2 pounds of lettuce and 1 pound of Spinach from my plot yesterday! 


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