Monday, June 20, 2011

JUNE 20, 2011 

Garden Etiquette-Please keep in mind that tools and supplies inside the perimeter of a gardener's plot are usually personal property and not for general use. People may leave diggers, buckets, gloves or hand tools on their plot for convenience or some other reason. If you want to borrow something, ask first. Tools and supplies intended for everyone's use should be stored  in or around the shed or the compost bins. Long handled tools can be stored in the slats of the compost bin.

Recurring Reminders-When you leave the garden:
  • Turn off the water at both spigots (hydrant-yellow handle is perpendicular to the water line; spigot handle turned clockwise. To check, flip one of the spigots without a hose attached.)
  • Lock the shed door
  • Close the gate
  • Turn off the lights

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